08 februára, 2011

Borza TV - minimalistic Android TV show tracker

We have just published Borza TV app to Android Market. It has originated as a personal project for tracking TV shows to a full-fledged app, and we would like to share it with the world, for free.

* Borza TV is simple, minimalistic, no-nonsense app where you can track all of your TV shows. Our database contains about 25 000 shows and 950 000 episodes.
* All of the information is stored online in our cloud, so you won't lose your data if you change your device. But this app aims to be fast, so our server compresses the data and send you only what you need. Some data is cached on your SD card for several days, which speeds up access too.
* Keep track of every episode you watch, you can easily see which you have and which you haven't.
* List of shows shows amount of watched and total episodes for each show, and progress bar visually shows your progress toward 100% of the episodes watched.
* List of episodes is grouped by season and you can mark entire show/season as watched/unwatched, so you can quickly fill up your database. Here you can also see airdate of the first and last episode of the show, if applicable.
* Intuitive show finder with autocompletion feature.
* Data is provided by TVRage.com API.
*** NOTE ***
If you have ANY problems, please let us know, our users are important to us.
Borza TV is in beta, so there might be some features not working, some bugs. We will update frequently to polish the app.
You cannot watch any shows from this app, it's only for your personal tracking purposes.

For now you cannot use this app without an internet connection, as all of the data is stored on the servers.

Some screenshots:

Try it; keep it if you like it. If not, then please let us know what's wrong with the app.

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