03 mája, 2011

Guys Memory

A memory game with lot of of pictures of men. No nudity here, all of them are clothed. Have fun!
New pictures will be added regularly.

Finally something for the girls, women and gays from Borza Industries.

Get it for free at Android Market.

10 marca, 2011

Double Balance game for Android

Test your skill and patience in Double Balance, a new game by Borza Industries.

Tilt your phone left and right to move the in-game platforms and prevent blue and red balls from falling out of the screen. The game is easy to learn and tough to master.

It's for kids, casual and hardcore gamers, as it features 5 distinct difficulty settings. Each round usually takes less than a minute, so it's a perfect game to play whenever you have some time to kill.

The game graphics are simple, with hand-drawn backgrounds, or, if you like, computer generated backgrounds with infinite possibilities.

Submit your scores to online leaderboards to compare your score with your friends. There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly boards, and you can try to get the #1 place at all of them.

The game features 11 achievements, try to unlock them all,  when you have truly mastered the game. Some are really hard to get.


The game has drawn and generated backgrounds
Leaderboards are available for each one of the five difficulty settings in game, and there are separate boards for the current day, week, month and year.

11 achievements to unlock, some easy, some hard.

02 marca, 2011

BorzaTV dev talk - More than 500 users!

Hello, we've surpassed 500 registered users in BorzaTV tracker.

We've started this app as something small, personal (and it still is), but hundreds of registered users are a good sign.

Maybe somebody would be interested in the inner workings of the app.

BorzaTV is composed of two parts - the Android application, written in Java and a Python backend. The backend and database runs on Google AppEngine, a great free platform for hosting a web service / web app. Android app communicates with the server through compressed JSON, which leads to very small  transfer sizes for show/episode list or the show finder. The Android app caches the JSON responses on SD card, so for example episode lists are kept for several days and don't need to be fetched from the server so often.

The backed is being continually updated and fixed, and thanks to the high productivity Python offers, it's easy.

Of course, the Android app is still not perfect, so we'll issue updates every 2-4 weeks to add new features and fix bugs.

Among the new features that will be added are "TOP 100 list" of shows, based on preferences of the users. It wasn't meaningful to be included from the start of the app, because the TOP 100 list would be empty by then. Now, with 500 users and about 1000 shows watched by users it is possible. Based on the stats off the top of our head, the leaders would be Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, House and The Walking Dead!

08 februára, 2011

Borza TV - minimalistic Android TV show tracker

We have just published Borza TV app to Android Market. It has originated as a personal project for tracking TV shows to a full-fledged app, and we would like to share it with the world, for free.

* Borza TV is simple, minimalistic, no-nonsense app where you can track all of your TV shows. Our database contains about 25 000 shows and 950 000 episodes.
* All of the information is stored online in our cloud, so you won't lose your data if you change your device. But this app aims to be fast, so our server compresses the data and send you only what you need. Some data is cached on your SD card for several days, which speeds up access too.
* Keep track of every episode you watch, you can easily see which you have and which you haven't.
* List of shows shows amount of watched and total episodes for each show, and progress bar visually shows your progress toward 100% of the episodes watched.
* List of episodes is grouped by season and you can mark entire show/season as watched/unwatched, so you can quickly fill up your database. Here you can also see airdate of the first and last episode of the show, if applicable.
* Intuitive show finder with autocompletion feature.
* Data is provided by TVRage.com API.
*** NOTE ***
If you have ANY problems, please let us know, our users are important to us.
Borza TV is in beta, so there might be some features not working, some bugs. We will update frequently to polish the app.
You cannot watch any shows from this app, it's only for your personal tracking purposes.

For now you cannot use this app without an internet connection, as all of the data is stored on the servers.

Some screenshots:

Try it; keep it if you like it. If not, then please let us know what's wrong with the app.

24 januára, 2011

Hiragana memory / ひらがな きおく

Hiragana memory / ひらがな きおく is a game that will help you memorize hiragana characters.
You can select which series (A,K,S,...) you want to focus on, so you can learn gradually.
There are 4 board sizes - 2x3,3x4,4x5,5x6, so you can get in for a quickie or a longer game.

It's tiny - only 44 KB, so get it from Android Market if you'd like to test your Hiragana knowledge.

Download Time Calculator

Wondering about how long it will take to download a file off the Internet with your connection? This little utility can help you. Enter file size and connection speed, and the result is one click away!

Get Download Time Calculator from Android Market.