10 marca, 2011

Double Balance game for Android

Test your skill and patience in Double Balance, a new game by Borza Industries.

Tilt your phone left and right to move the in-game platforms and prevent blue and red balls from falling out of the screen. The game is easy to learn and tough to master.

It's for kids, casual and hardcore gamers, as it features 5 distinct difficulty settings. Each round usually takes less than a minute, so it's a perfect game to play whenever you have some time to kill.

The game graphics are simple, with hand-drawn backgrounds, or, if you like, computer generated backgrounds with infinite possibilities.

Submit your scores to online leaderboards to compare your score with your friends. There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly boards, and you can try to get the #1 place at all of them.

The game features 11 achievements, try to unlock them all,  when you have truly mastered the game. Some are really hard to get.


The game has drawn and generated backgrounds
Leaderboards are available for each one of the five difficulty settings in game, and there are separate boards for the current day, week, month and year.

11 achievements to unlock, some easy, some hard.

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